How do I find out if a specific e-journal is available in the CU?

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Next to other kinds of documents, UKAŽ allows you to search for electronic journals.

In the case of e-journals, the record contains, among other things, the ‘View online’ section with information on which databases / platforms the title is available, to what extent (retrospective + embargo) and alternatively whether access is restricted (e.g. only to a certain faculty / component).

Procedure for verifying the availability of the e-journal

We recommend using the ISSN rather than the title to search for records of specific e-journals
  1. Open advanced search
  2. In the search filter menu, select the field in which you want to search (e.g. Name or ISSN) and enter the search term
  3. In ‘Material Type’, limit the results to ‘Journals’
  4. Click the ‘Search’ button

If the required e-journal is available at the CU, UKAŽ should search for a record(s) for the given title, in which you will find more detailed information on availability (in the ‘View online’ section). If an e-journal is not available at the CU, UKAŽ will not search for the journal entry.

You did not find the record of the e-journal in UKAŽ, even though the CU subscribes to it and it should be available? Contact us!!