How do I find out which library has a printed document available?

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Information on the availability and borrowing rules of the units of the selected printed document can be verified in the ‘Get it’ section by clicking on the record UKAŽ (so-called display of the complete record). This section shows the current overview of the location of all units bound to the title.

Location information

UKAŽ > location information

The locations are in UKAŽ ‘Get it’ section always in alphabetical order.

Location information includes:

  • Name of faculty/component
  • Current summary status (availability) - the following statuses exist:
    • Available = at least one unit is currently available for loan (reference or regular loan)
    • Possibly available = for a record containing parts or journal numbers (this status says that not all parts / numbers of the selected source are available)
    • Outside the library = no unit is currently available for rent at the given location (reference or regular loan)
  • Location name - e.g. name of reference library, sub-collection, librarystack, etc.
  • Permanent location signature - optional

Each placement has displayed a link to the website of the selected library (below the ‘Contact’ button).

Item information

An overview of items that are registered at that location will appear after clicking on the selected location. By default, the first 5 items are displayed. To view all items, you must click the ‘Show multiple items’ button below the list of items.

The following information is displayed for the items:

  • Current status (availability) - i.e. whether it is on site or whether it is borrowed (and by when), or whether there is an unclaimed reservation
  • Borrowing rules of the item - whether the item is a regular, study, reference, etc. (for more see the uniform matrix of borrowings in the Library and Circulation Rules of Charles University)
  • Item signature
  • Item barcode
  • Description (optional information) – e.g. information about the work, numbering of bound issues of the journal, etc.
ATTENTION: To view information about item loaning rules, you must be signed in to UKAŽ.

If all loanable items at the selected location are loaned (i.e. none are available for borrowing according to the uniform matrix and at the same time available on the spot), the option to enter a loan request (reservation) will show up after signing in.