How do I get the full text of the searched electronic document?

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UKAŽ > section View online

Links to full texts at electronic information resources (EIZ) available online - mainly e-books, e-book chapters, articles, conference papers, reports, etc. - can be found in the UKAŽ records in the ‘View online’ section.

By clicking on the selected link in the View online section, you will be directly redirected to the location of the resource on the provider's platform (publisher or database operator). If this is not a freely available resource and you access the EIZ from home (or outside the CU network), you will be prompted to sign in through the Central Authentication Service (CAS).

If you have already signed in using CAS in an opened browser (e.g. to a user account), the browser remembers your login and it is not necessary to fill in the login details again. This behavior can be affected by the settings of a specific browser, or specific conditions of some EIZs.

If you are registered at the CU libraries as an external user of the services, due to the conditions set out in the license agreements, you have the possibility to remotely access only some EIZs at the CU. You can find a list of them on the Charles University Electronic Resources Portal.

If you come across a link that does not work as expected, you can report this error to us.

What the links in the ‘View Online’ section contain

The following information is usually provided for individual links in the ‘View Online’ section:

  • The name of the database or collection in which the resource is located
  • Range of available years (in case of a magazine or article from it)
  • Embargo information, if available (unavailability of the latest content)
  • Note ‘Only for’, which informs about limited availability only for the listed faculties/components
  • Another general note if necessary
Some EIZ are not available to all CU users, but only to a specific faculty/component. If the link to the source in UKAŽ indicates ‘Only for’ and a list of abbreviations, it is necessary to check whether the abbreviation of your faculty/component is among them. If not, you do not have automatic access to the resource. See how you can access such a resource.

I looked up an e-journal, how do I view articles?

The easiest way is to click directly on the pages of the journal and search for articles on the publisher/provider platform. Providers often offer different ways of searching or browsing typical for a specific field.

However, in some cases UKAŽ provides the possibility to search for a specific articles from a journal.

UKAŽ > section ‘Search inside’ (e-journal)

The procedure is:

  1. Find the entry of the required electronic journal in the UKAŽ
  2. Go to the ‘Search inside’ section and enter keywords in the language of the magazine
  3. UKAŽ will search for articles from the journal that have been published on the given topic and that have an entry for them in the UKAŽ index
  4. You can further refine the search using the facet menu (filters) on the left
If the ‘Search inside’ section is not available, articles from the given journal are not available in the UKAŽ index and it is necessary to go directly to the publisher's platform (to the journal's pages) to search for them.