How do I renew/return my Grammarly Premium license?

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1. Sign in

1.1 In the upper right corner of the central search engine UKAŽ sign in by clicking on the "Sign in" button .

1.2 To sign in, enter your Central Authentication Service details.

1.3 After signing in, your name will appear in the upper right corner of the search engine.

2. Renew

2.1 To find a Grammarly rental, click on your name in the upper right corner and select "My Loans".

2.1.1 If it did not happen automatically, enter the "Active loans" filter.

2.2 Search among your Grammarly Premium License loan and click on the "Renew" button. Then you will see a yellow table with a new return date and a green text "Extended" will be replaced by the "Extend" button.

Before renewal
After renewal

The loan can be extended only if:

  1. The return date has not expired (the loan is not forfeited)
  2. The maximum loan limit has not been reached (see CU Library and Circulation Rules)
  3. The user has settled all receivables from CU libraries (non-refunded loans, repaid fines, etc.)
  4. The user is not blocked (due to invalid e-mail, invalid address, terminated relationship with CU)
  5. The user’s registration did not expire in the period for which the renewal should take place
  6. There is no request for a title (reservation) from another user in UKAŽ
We always recommend that you carefully check whether the return date has changed after clicking on the extension button (if the term has remained the same, check whether all the conditions for extending loans apply - see the list above).

3. Return

After the maximum (annual) loan period, your license will be automatically revoked and made available to other applicants.

If there are still enough licenses available, it is possible to apply for a new license even after it has been revoked.
If you wish to return the license before your loan period expires, please contact us at