How do I search for articles on a specific topic?

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If you do not want to search for articles from only one specific electronic information source (= online databases and collections; abbreviated eResources or EIZ) or you do not know which e-resource to choose for search, UKAŽ is the ideal place to start your search.

Procedure for searching articles on a specific topic

UKAŽ > Searching for articles via simple search

Simple search

  1. Enter your desired keyword in the simple search box (you can combine Boolean operators to enter multiple words)
  2. In the suggested options, select the search within CU eResources and click on the magnifying glass icon or press the ‘Enter’ key
  3. On the search results page on the left in the filters (facets), select in ‘Resource Type’ section, option ‘Articles’
UKAŽ > Searching for articles via advanced search

Pokročilé vyhledávání

  1. Click the ‘Advanced search’ button to open the advanced interface
  2. In the ‘Search’ section, select the option ‘Within CU eRresources’
  3. In the ‘Search filters’ section, select the name of the field you want to search in from the drop-down menu and enter the keyword you want (if you want to enter more words, you can add more fields as needed to express the relationship using Boolean operators)
  4. From the ‘Material Type’ menu, select ‘Articles’
  5. You can further narrow your search results by ‘Language’ and ‘Release Date’ as needed
  6. Click the ‘Search’ button or press the ‘Enter’ key

Tips & more options

  1. Did you get too many results? You can narrow the query by using the filters (facets) on the left side of the results page.
  2. Did you find few results or none? You can also extend the query to records of documents that are not available at the CU - just click on the option ‘Show results without full text’ in the filters (facets) on the left