How do I search for documents from a specific author?

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To find out what (printed, digital or electronic) documents are available at the CU from a certain author, you can use the ‘Advanced Search’ or the Author index.

Advanced search procedure

The easiest way is to use ‘Advanced Search’, which allows you to search for documents from a specific author from both the CU library holdings and the CU eResources. In addition, this interface allows the search to be refined (narrowed down) when entering a query, e.g. to a certain type or language of the document, etc.

To search for a document by a specific author using ‘Advanced Search’, follow these steps:

  1. Open advanced search
  2. In the search filters menu, select the Author/Creator field in the first drop-down list
  3. Enter the author's name
  4. Click the ‘Search’ button
If you know that an author publishes under different name variations, you can list all known variations in advanced search. Be sure to connect the individual lines with the OR operator.

Browse Search procedure

UKAŽ > viewing the author's register

If you only want to search for documents from the CU library holdings (e.g. books) from a certain author, not from the CU eResources, you can also use the ‘Browse search’.

To view the Author index, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Browse Search
  2. Make sure that the Author search option is selected
  3. Enter author's name
  4. Press ‘Enter’ or click the magnifying glass icon at the end of the search box
To search in the Author index, it is necessary to enter the author's name in the form of Surname, First name.