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This page is a translated version of the page Význam kategorií ve filtrech and the translation is 100% complete.
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The eResources Portal offers several options for filtering electronic resources (ER) according to faculties or other units, classification, accessibility and language. These filters can be freely combined with each other.
You can learn how to work with these filters on the page How to work with filters?.

Faculty or other unit

  • Charles University (always first) includes all resources available to all CU users (both free and licensed).
  • Individual faculties include resources that are only available to users of the given faculty or other unit.
Attention: To display all available resources to a certain faculty or other unit, you must check both the faculty itself as well as Charles University!
  • External users (always last) include all resources that are either remotely accessible to external users of CU libraries or freely available.


It contains specializations according to the outline scheme for field classification of the Czech National Library.

  • Multidisciplinary resource (always first) covers resources that are not narrowly specialized.
A resource relevant to your field can be marked as multidisciplinary!
  • Other disciplines are listed alphabetically.


Sorts resources by content availability.

  • Licensed includes resources that Charles University subscribes to and subsequently makes available to authorized users of faculties and other units. Some are also available to external users.
  • Freely available includes ER that are open access or otherwise freely available.
  • Freely available content on platform includes licensed resources that the university subscribes to, but whose platforms also contain a large amount of freely available or Open Access content.
  • Trial includes ER that are available to authorized faculty and other units users only for a limited time (this time is specified in the resource record) on trial basis.


This filter allows you to sort ER according to the languages ​​of the content that is available within the resource. In some cases, it may also be possible to change the interface language, or to search in other languages ​​- in these cases, this information is provided in the resource record.