What to do if the full text link does not work?

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If you encounter a problem with a link to an electronic information resource in the UKAŽ record, you can report it to the administrator.

What do I need to know before reporting a problem?

EZproxy: faculty/component limited availability report
  1. Some electronic information resources (EIZ) are not available for all CU users, but only for some faculties/components. If the link to the source in UKAŽ shows ‘Only for’ and a list of abbreviations of faculties/components, it is necessary to check whether the abbreviation of your faculty/component is among them. If not, you do not have automatic access to the resource. You will usually be notified when a resource is unavailable for your component after you try to sign in.
  2. Make sure that you sign in to the Central Authentication Service with the correct data, or if you do not have an expired password. You can find out more in the login instructions in the section ‘Can't log in?’.
  3. Some EIZ (e.g. some freely available e-journals) do not allow you to link directly to a specific article/document. If the link from UKAŽ took you to the homepage of the source, you need to search for the article/document on the platform manually.

If access to the EIZ does not work for you and none of the above applies, try to open the UKAŽ in an anonymous window of your browser, search for the record and re-enter the EIZ.

If the error still persists, report it to us (see the procedure below).

How to report a problem with a link to EIZ?

UKAŽ > Report a problem with linking

If you come across a broken link to the source in UKAŽ in the ‘View online’ section, you can report the linking problem using the online form (see the gray box Report a problem with access > Report under section ‘View online’). .

The procedure for reporting a linking error is:

  1. In the UKAŽ record, in the ‘View Online’ section, click the ‘Report a Problem’ button in the gray box
  2. Select the type of linking error you want to report from the drop-down list
  3. To speed up the solution of the problem, we recommend that you also fill in a detailed description of the problem and attach a screenshot of any error message
  4. If you state an e-mail in the last field of the form, we will inform you about the final solution
Reported problems with linking are evaluated manually by an employee of the Central Library of Charles University. It may take some time to resolve some issues.

Thank you for reporting broken links to help keep the links up to date and functional.

Other possible problems than linking errors or problems with UKAŽ can be reported via the UKAŽ helpdesk (in the menu to whom you want to address the query, select the option ‘Technical question - UKAŽ support’).