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This page is a translated version of the page Úplný záznam zdroje and the translation is 100% complete.
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Records of individual ER can be searched both in the eResources Portal and in UKAŽ. In UKAŽ, these records may differ from their form in PEZ for technical reasons.

Brief record display

Shows what can be seen about the resource after searching before opening the full record. This brief resource description (available in CZE and ENG) is available at the beginning of the full record. It may also contain important information about the resource (outage, trial access, planned termination of subscription, etc.).

Send to

It offers the option to generate a permanent link to the resource.

View Online

Contains a list of hyperlinks to access resources. Generally, there is a choice between::

  • Shibboleth - institutional remote access
  • EZProxy – recognition based on IP addresses; if the user is connecting from CU range, usually login via CAS (Central Authentication Service) is not required if the resource allows it. Otherwise, the user is prompted to log in.

A Report a problem with access button is also available in this section. This button links to a form where the user can describe their problem with access to the ER, attach pictures and, ideally, leave their email, so the question can be answered directly by one of our colleagues from support.

If you encounter a problem, don't assume that someone has already reported it before you. By reporting it, you will help to fix the problem faster!


Contains resource information such as title and its alternatives, detailed description, and other useful metadata. Hypertext links can be clicked on for advanced search - for example, by clicking on Fulltext in the field Resource type, all the ER of this type can be retrieved.


This section contains hypertext links to external sites. Here you can find, among other things, links to webinars and user guides for the given ER.