How do I look up Guided Projects on Coursera platform?

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As part of the Coursera for Campus Basic plan, every user from CU has an unlimited number of "Guided Projects" per year for free. If a certificate is included with this course, it is also free. From May 30, 2022, "Guided Projects" can be used in an unlimited number of 500 university licenses. These are interactive projects that will allow you to acquire a practical work-oriented skill within two hours.

When registering, follow the instructions on the link at PEZ. The platform does not allow automatic addition, therefore, your requests are processed manually. We ask for your patience, you will be informed about the access settings by email.

1. Login

Singing in Coursera

1.1 In the upper right corner of the page Coursera login by clicking the button „Log in“ .

1.2 Enter your details; the email to which you requested access and the set password (do not log in via i.e. "Log in with your organization", this login is not available for our university).

1.3 After logging in, your name will appear in the upper right corner.

2. Search

2.1 Enter the desired term in the search bar.

2.1.1 After the search, filters with fields for specification will appear.

2.2 Click on the "Learning Product" column and select "Guided Project" from the drop-down list.

Search Guided Project
Not sure which exact Guided Project you would like to start? Would you like to explore more options? All you have to do is type "Guided Projects" in the search box and all these projects will be displayed.