How do I reserve a Grammarly Premium license?

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This page is a translated version of the page Jak si udělám rezervaci na licenci Grammarly Premium? and the translation is 100% complete.
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How to get a license for Grammarly Premium in 3 easy steps

You can get Grammarly Premium for half a year by using the reservation system in UKAŽ. Charles University has 845 available licenses.

To obtain a license, you must be a registered reader' in CU libraries. If you are not, please first fill in the electronic registration' according to the instructions at

1. Sign in

1.1 In the upper right corner of the central search engine UKAŽ, log in by clicking the button "Sign in ”.
UKAŽ - přihlášení - eng.PNG

1.2 Enter your Central Authentication Service details to sign in.
CAS - přihlášení - eng.PNG

1.3 After signing in, you will see your name in the upper right corner of the search engine UKAŽ.

2. Grammarly record search

2.1 You can go to the record using this permalink.

2.2 Alternatively, you can search for a record by following the instructions below.

  • Click on the "Advanced Search" button.

UKAŽ - pokročilé vyhledávání - eng.PNG

  • Use search filters and search by title “Grammarly Premium“. Then click on the "Search" button.

Grammarly premium - vyhledávání - hledat - eng.PNG

  • What you need is second record Grammarly Premium Licence.

Grammarly premium - vyhledávání - výsledek - eng.PNG

You can only make a reservation in the record Grammarly Premium Licence - interactive software tool.

3. Creating a license reservation

3.1 Click on the title Grammarly Premium Licence - interactive software tool and open the record.

3.2 After opening the Grammarly Premium License - interactive software tool record, click on the red "Request" button.
Grammarly premium - požadavek - eng.PNG

3.3 To submit a request, click the "Send Request" button.
Grammarly premium - odeslat požadavek - eng.PNG

3.4 The sending of your request will be confirmed by a notification "Your request was successfully placed" in a green field. (This operation may take several seconds.)
Grammarly premium - požadavek odeslán - eng.jpg will notify you of the assignment of the license by email with further instructions. As the process is manual, we ask for your patience.

Don't forget to watch your inbox/bulk mail (or spam) for the activation email needed to complete the license borrowing - to be able to use the license. If you do not do this within a certain time, your inactive license may be taken away and released for other users. This license does not need to be picked up in person at the Central Library
If you have any questions you can ask at